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Passion Vine Tagua Bracelet (Item Number: W-C-E1017O )


Handmade from whole Tagua nuts sustainably harvested from the Colombian rainforest, these fashionable accessories help you look great while also helping to provide fulfilling work to the women artisans who create each piece. The collection of tagua also helps provide incentive to protect and maintain vital rainforest habitat.

Single tagua slice with Passion Vine design etched through the tagua slice. Each bracelet is on an adjustable ribbon cord with chirilla seed accents, and comes with a descriptive hangtag. One size fits all.

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Our rainforest seed jewelry and accessories are made by artisans in Bogota, Colombia. Our Fair Trade partner, Sapia, employs 35 people directly and another 55+ independently. While Colombia is currently making headlines as a growing economic success story, there is still a tremendous gap in wealth in the country and a large population of urban poor. In addition, there are vast numbers of displaced people who live in Bogota that have been uprooted from their homes due to narco-terrorism and political conflicts. Sapia works with these at-risk families and individuals to provide stable income to help them create a better future. Artisans are trained to work with a variety of natural and recycled materials, ranging from tire tubes to rainforest seeds to recycled orange peels.

Our Tagua products are made from seeds found within the pods of the Ivory Nut Palm, a native species of the Colombian rainforest. Tagua is known as the 'ivory of the rainforest', or 'vegetable ivory' due to its exceptional ability to be carved and since it serves as a viable alternative to elephant ivory. The tagua seeds are harvested after they have fallen to the ground, so no harm is done to the rainforest during the production process. The collection of this natural product helps provide incentive to local forest inhabitants to protect the trees and keep the rainforest intact. Learn More

Being a natural product, Tagua can react to the elements. Prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures, water or steam should be avoided. You should remove your jewelry before bathing or swimming. We recommend occasionally wiping your tagua jewelry with a damp cloth to keep it looking its best.

Made using tagua nuts and ribbon and chirilla seeds. Each tagua slice is unique natural product, and is approximately 1.25' L x 1' W (slice size may range by 1/4'). Adjustable. One size fits all.

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